The Battle of Waterloo 1815 the most famous of all Napoleon battles           

The battle of Waterloo 1815 a year and place which will never be forgotten in the history of the world. On the fields around Waterloo came an end to the Napoleonic Era and the Reign of Napoleon, Emperor of the French. After almost 2 decades of non-stop Napoleonic warfare the fate of Europe was settled by two of the most brilliant commanders of their time on the fields of the battle of Waterloo 1815 the last of the Napoleon battles.

Both born in the year 1769 Wellington and Napoleon never faced each other before on a battlefield, this year 1815 will bring both commanders to a battlefield no bigger then 30 football fields and assemble an army of 140 000 men to determine the faith of Europe.

The man for whom an era is named is about to give his last battle to regain his Empire at the battle of Waterloo 1815.

This website enables you to visit the Waterloo battle in a most unique way, a virtual tour of the most famous of all Napoleon battles Waterloo 1815. The events that took place at the Battle of Waterloo are explained with unique images and footage of the Waterloo battle.

You will never be so close to the Waterloo battle as on this web site. So sit back and be ready to take a historical battlefield tour with great Napoleon music to get you back to the Napoleonic era.

Enjoy the most famous of all Napoleon battles the battle of Waterloo 1815.

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