Napoleon music, the Waterloo soundtrack by Nino rota                        

Napoleonic music is not easy to find, getting your hands on the Waterloo soundtrack takes a hell of an effort. Luckely for all Napoleonic fans we got Napoleon music for you here ready to download! Once you made your payement you will be directed to the downloadpage and be able to download directly to your PC. The quality is original and in mp3 format.

Napoleon Music Original Waterloo soundtrack

Track listing

1.  Main Title - Return From Elba (02:32)

2.  Scottish March - Salute To Wellington (02:55)

3.  Waterloo Waltz (04:21)

4.  Night of Vigil - Napoleon's Farewell To the Troops (05:25)

5.  The Scots Greys (02:28)

6.  The Battle of Waterloo (05:07)

7.  La Vieille Garde (05:05)

8.  The Field of the Dead (04:17)

9.  Finale - And the War Goes On (01:42)


Duration: 0:33:42  

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Rare 1970 Original Waterloo Soundtrack. True Epic Napoleon music composed by Nino Rota, released on Paramount LP/CD

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