A online Guide to The Battlefield of Waterloo                               

The battlefield of Waterloo now lies on the very edge of the suburbs of Brussels, but the field itself is protected by Belgian law; and thanks to that, most of it has changed very little since Sunday, 18 June 1815. If you go to the right vantage-points you can still see the lie of the land very much as Wellington's and Napoleon's soldiers saw it, and follow each stage of the battle very clearly.

The aim of the battle battlefield of Waterloo guide is to take you to the five best points of view. They are marked with numbers in circles on the map, and are marked on the field itself by plaques erected for the Waterloo Committee by the Province of Brabant. To visit them all gives an indelible impression of the battle, and the battlefield of Waterloo itself but it involves a walk of a good two hours, allowing adequate time to stop at each point.


You are asked to remember that the battlefield of Waterloo is still farmed, so please stay on the lanes and track and do not walk among the crops. If you have time, it is strongly recommended that, before seeing the battlefield, you visit the town of Waterloo, stopping by the domed church. The church itself contains many interesting memorials connected with the battle, and, on the opposite side of the road, stands the Wellington Museum. Wellington established his headquarters in this old inn and it is here that he spent the nights before and after the battle. It contains a collection of relics, from Wellington himself and from the battlefield of Waterloo, and also a modem display of illuminated maps of different stages of the battle, which give a clear idea of the successive attacks of Napoleon's army.

When you reach the battlefield of Waterloo itself, the most prominent feature is the Lion Hill raised as a Netherlands memorial in the 1820’s. Although neither the hill nor the buildings around it were there at the time of the battle (it was all open farmland), you are strongly recommended to experience the audio-visual presentation in the Visitor's Centre at the foot of the hill to obtain a superb introduction to the battlefield before visiting the viewpoints. The dramatic Panorama of the battlefield of Waterloo in one of the adjacent buildings is also well worth a visit.

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